Hello UG'rs, as you probably gleaned from the name of this thread, I am a Death Metal Singer in Sydney looking for a metal band (serious or otherwise) who are in need of a vocalist for performance and or recording. I am 20 years old, currently residing in Balmain, Sydney, and have extensive experience in music across a bunch of styles. I've always done backup vocals in my other band in which I play bass, but I'm looking for a more vocal centric role. I'm also undertaking a Bachelor of Music at University if that is of any relevance to any of you

My style is most like that of Zyklon, Opeth and Lamb of God, but pretty unique at the same time. I wouldn't say it's really LIKE those bands in any specific sense, but that's where I draw a lot of inspiration from. And so on and so forth. And so on. I also sing if that's of any interest to you, but I'm far more proficient in the dirty vocal style.

Thank you for reading, there are a few examples of my vocals on my profile page, on some original tracks that I've created over time.

Leave me a message if you're interested.