Hey guys was hoping for a little help here

I have a Sennheiser EW172 G2 Wireless. I was wondering if its possible to power this off my voodoo lab pedal power 2 plus. so far i havent had any luck

The back of the wireless says DC in 10.5-16V/300mA, and the power supply i use for it says Output 13V 0.3A 3.9VA

I know that it requires a center positive jack, and i have tried with the center positive jack on my pedal power 2, and running it on the 12V setting but it wouldnt work.

Could it be that it simply just doesnt have enough mA? is there any way i can boost one input of the pedal power to get 300mA?

Thanks for any help!
You could always try plugging the actual power cable of the thing into the convenience outlet on the back of the PP2+, if you're not using it already
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The amount of current being supplied isn't the problem, since if it required more current than was available it would likely blow out whatever is supplying the current. It looks like the power supply you're using has just enough current, but I would try plugging one in that has more than enough at the ready, 12VDC supplies that give more than 300mA are quite common around the house etc.. so if you can find one there it might solve your problem.

I'm not sure why the pedal power isn't running it because it seems like it meets all the specs.
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sorry i forgot to mention that i am using the external ac power on the back to power a hughes & kettner pedal so that is taken.

just to clarify guys, i have the correct power supply that comes with the wireless, i am just wondering if i can use the pedal power 2 at all because it will save me a lot of space on my pedal board.

thanks guys
I was able to power the wireless from the pedal power 2 plus

i had to use the red cable, as it is center positive, i had to use a 12 volt out, and i had to use either #5 or #6 as they put out 250mA, as opposed to the 100mA that the others put out

Very happy with the result! my pedalboard is very tidy