There is a company/person that is has used Guitar Pro Tabs that are found on Ultimate-guitar.com and compiled them together for each artist. The item can be brought through their own website or can be brought on ebay.

As a regular ebay user I came across one of the tab Cd's I was interested in. The item offers a wide range of songs for certain bands. I was interested in buying the "As I Lay Dying" tab Cd as I wanted to learn their songs. After receiving the Cd for the tabs i had notice that the only tabs on the Cd were the exact same ones found on Ultimate-guitar.com, this had meant I had wasted $15 on tabs that were available for free and i had given my money to someone that was undeserving of producing the tabs into a Cd. The tabs may be slightly altered on some tabs but there are very much the same as the ones already produced.Not only don't the tabs provide everything that is stated in the description such as "Each tab file contains tracks for vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and other instruments." .

http://www.icetabs.com/ is the website that produces these Tab Cd's. The website has a legal notice stating:

"The tablature sold on this website is 100% legal, and in all cases is interpreted (not copied or derived) from the source material.
For official tablature, such as tab books and sheet music, contact the publishing rights holders of the respective artists."

at no time does this statement say that they/he has used the work of someone else or where the tabs where found.

The website has Claimed

"We are the #1 seller of accurate, easy-to-use, play-along guitar tablature on the Internet. All of our CDs are guaranteed, and we will accept any return for a full refund."

I would like someone's opinion on this issue, Or has the people/person that provides the Cd been in contact with the people that write the tabs, Or am I just overacting to something that everyone thinks is fine.

And why would you attempt to buy tabs from that website though you're a member here since 2005?
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Yeah i didn't want to post to show my frustration, I just thought people should know the Tab makers tabs were being sold by someone else

Also the reason I was fooled is I didn't realize that the tabs were the exact same as the ones on ultimate-guitar, I thought they were original by icetabs and had all tracks for vocals, guitars, bass and drums. It was my own fault, but yes i still use ultimate guitar everyday for my tabs.

Thank you both for your responses.
theres a thread in this forum from a while back that has a zip for 50,000 GP tabs. you should look that up. I dont know if it will have everything you are looking for but it has a ton (50,000) of different artists and songs and what not. I think there mostly from here or the same as here.

this doesnt really respond to your question or comments, but is worth mentioning as it is free. I get where your coming from. ... if its original and correct to the song in all departments (guitar, vocals etc..) it might be worth buying, but them selling someone elses work (especially when they have posted for free for all to use and learn from) is just dirty.

Thanks for bringing it up. This is something people should be aware of.
The CD also comes with a cracked version of guitar pro which makes it completely illegal

I think paying for tabs is going to be the least of your worries when they make off with your credit card details. Judging buy the way they issue out pirated software I'm sure their not the most trustworthy bunch

Guitar magazines also take online tabs and sell them as their own, I've frequently come across tabs in total guitar that are note for note taken from tab sites