Hi UGs!
I have a RG321mh Ibby and it has bridge like this: http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/Hard-tail
I set my bridge to very low action and it sounds good but my problem is the screws in saddles are too high from bridge body so when I use palm muting technique my palm touches the screws than strings. It's so painful too!
what can I do to fix this problem?
Is there something to do with neck pocket or saddle screws?
Ibanez RG321MH
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Some friend of mine had a piece of cloth duct-taped over the bridge. Other than that, I don't see what else you could do. Change the bridge?
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It's a fairly big job but if you like the guitar then you could consider either cutting the grub screws down or just getting a new set of screws, if you took one to a specialist bolt shop as a sample they could probably match you up with some slightly shorter ones without too much hassle
They're coming out with a new RG321MH this year that has the new Gibraltar bridge. It basically gets rid of the comfort issue of the old Ibanez fixed bridges.
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Yes new rg321MHs come with Gibraltar but they are indonesian made and mine is korean. Thank you all, I'll search for shorter screw set
Ibanez RG321MH
Guitar RIG 4