So I've recently finished my first project, you can check it out here -

Now I'm planning to take it apart again in a few months, after a few performances, and I'm looking for some ideas on how I can improve on it even more. At the moment I have a cavity left in the upper horn from a built in tuner I removed which came from the guitar you can see in this pic -

An idea I had was to build a pedal into it, probably some kind of cheap delay or reverb. Though, the cavity is only 2 inches or so deep so I'm not sure if it would be deep enough. Any other ideas what I could install to trick it out even more?

And yes, I have checked the wiring thread info about installing a pedal + searched
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Someone posted a link a while ago to a site that sells a bunch of effects you can build into your guitar, as push/pull pots though. Maybe you could somehow use that? If I can find the link of course...

IMMEDIT: Oh, duh, it was guitar-fetish. XD http://www.guitarfetish.com/MODboards_c_30.html

You might have to get creative to use in in the hole you have. Maybe build a casing for it, and reroute the pots so that they come out of the hole you have there? Not sure really.
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