Neck bridge and humbucker. Which sounds for which position? Like neck for tuis sound hb for this middle for this etc. This is for a hss strat
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you can use them however you want but i usually use the bridge for leads and distortion, the
the middle positions for clean sounds and rythm playing,and the neck has many uses
the middle is more clean while the bridge is for lead/solos (with a bit of treble) and the neck is for whatever you like, that has a bit more bass, a bit more "warmer" tone to it, while the bridge has a somewhat 'colder' tone

Hope this helps
Neck bridge humbucker... so that's like... an SHS configuration? That's interesting...


There are 3 positions. Neck, Middle & Bridge. A humbucker or single coil isn't a position, it's a type of pickup that goes in a position.

If you have an HSS, that means that you have a humbucker in the bridge, a single coil in the middle and a single coil in the neck.

As for what they're for, the answer is simply: whatever the hell you want them to be for. It's not like there's rules about how you can and cannot use your guitar. Just do what sounds good to you.
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I stick with with half neck-half mid for rhythm and bridge for leads. Of course, you can do whatever sounds good. Those tone knobs can change it up a bit.
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