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I'm looking to buy a new distortion pedal to go with my Marshall JMD501 Combo amp. I need a pedal which has a good gain range. I don't play a lot of heavy metal, but it must have enough gain to handle stuff like Guns 'n Roses, Black Sabbath and maybe a little bit of metal. I mainly play standard and classic rock. It has to be of good quality, and im not too worried about the price as long as it isn't ridiculously expensive. I was thinking the DS-1 or DS-2? Any opinions, recommendations, or experiences would be amazing. I Thanks!
ds 2 is way better than ds1... however i've heard good stuff about keeley modded ds1... but the original ones have totally different sound... perhaps you should try them out, but i deffinetly recommend you the DS2.. it's great... also you should check out youtube reviews since they're usually quite nice... however there are other DT pedals out there (from other companies) and i'm sure you'll find a perfect fit for your music style among those too...
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