That's what I'm thinking about buying, I'm quite new to playing guitar (1.5years) and I don't really know what to buy and what pedals does what.

I want a nice metaltone, (Listening to bands like Trivium, Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, Parkway Drive etc etc)

What more do I need to get to acheive this? Or if anyone has any better suggestions, speak

P.S The amp should be able to sound better than my Line6 Spider IV 75w. On low volumes, since I don't live in a house.

Will be grateful for good answers!! Peace
I think the guitar fits your style perfectly, but I' reconsider the amp. Probably a Bugera 6262 would be better for you. You could also look for used Peavy 6505 heads or combo. The combos aren't that expensive new.
Do you gig or anything like that? Buget?
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The Peavey Valveking isn't very good, unless you mod the hell out of it.
I'd look into a Peavey 6505+ combo instead.

Just my 2 cents.
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Quote by richyt93
Do you gig or anything like that? Buget?

No I don't gig or play in a band, I just want a good amp, that I can have for a long time, my Line6 Spider IV 75w doesn't sound as cool now as it did when i first bought it :P

But It's very important that it will sound good on low volumes, bedroom volumes.
I can't find this bugera 6262 on thomann.de are you sure it's spelled correctly?
if your going to be playing at 'bedroom' volume, are you sure you need something as beasty as that?
Would you not get a better driven valve tone out of something like a 5-15w tube?
thomann doesn't have it,check musicstore.de
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