I hope this question is in the correct place.

I'm having problem's with my hand hitting the volume knob when I'm muffing the string's, and the edge of my palm is resting on the bridge. If I move my hand up a bit it does'nt hit the volume as much but it is easier to control my "Chunking" rhythm resting on the bridge.

I was going to move the volume control to the center hole in the pickguard and just use 1 tone control for the neck pup since I usually keep the center pickup wide open as well as the Hummbucker in the bridge & only roll the neck pup down .

Is it just me or is this a problem other people have as well.

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On my old guitar (which is a strat copy from Stagg) the volume knob was constantly in the way for me when palm muting on the higher strings, very annoying.

I would play all afternoon and wonder why the sound got worse and worse by every hour, only to find out that the volume knob slowly turned down the whole time is was playing.
Its a slight problem...but most people learn to overcome it (lift your pinky slightly). I think the convenience of having access to the guitar's volume while playing drastically outweighs the few times you bump it when muting.

PS. What the hell is "muffing"...it sounds like something that belongs on urban dictionary haha.
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Thank's for your replies. I'm sure alot of my problems will go away as I get better at playing. I'm far from being able to use the volume control like Jeff Beck does.

There are many Metal Guitarist's that use Strat's and Strat shaped axes and they don't seem to have problem's with it the volume knob getting in the way.

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