I'm not talking about gigs, i'm just talking about messing about with some friends? Are you better or worse when being watched?

Also, while I'm at it i have another question. When you lot have a bad day at guitar, how bad do you get? Do you literally fuck everything up?

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Nah man that only ever happens to you. You probably just suck or something.
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I'm better live than when just jamming with my mates.
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I'm better at improvising on my own, but I'm better at playing a set song in company.

And I don't have really bad days, if I start playing bad I just put my guitar down and go watch tv or write or listen to music and then come back a few hours later.
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I always play better with my teacher than with other people. I don't have many bad days with guitar but with my trombone I sometimes want to break the thing in half...
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i dont gig, but when i play around people i get a bit nervous but it eventually fades and i play better and more focused than i would with just myself.
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I seem to play well if I am playing with somebody who is better than me. Oh, I'm better at improvising if I am actually playing with somebody else and not just a backing track
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I find that I play better while alone, actually.
i think im better when im by myself because im relaxed, i think thats what its all about is if your relaxed when playing to people you should play the same as you usually do, but for me im never relaxed so i usuaally forget parts of the songs and my voice goes way out of tune, i end up a mess.
I always suck ass when I play in front of people. Except for when I'm playing with a group of friends jamming, then I'm alright. "Hey I'll show you a song I'm learning" always ends up terribly.

I kind of suck anyway, but yeah.
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I don't really play in front of people, but the one or two times friends have asked to see me playing guitar, I find it tricky. My left hand starts shaking like crazy even though I don't feel at all nervous. No idea why, but I don't play all that often anyway, so it doesn't bother me.

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No, I crumble to shit when I'm being watched.
I can play fine along with somebody else, but not alone, being watched.
I'm much more focused on ensuring I don't **** up when I'm playing around other people and it usually translates into me playing better

Then I look really good for awhile, until I leave and play by myself and everything turns to custard

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I really need to get out and play with other guitarist/musicians.
I tend to be kind of tense and not at ease but, after a bit of loosening up, that usually fades away.

...something I need to work at.
No, I tend to **** up more.
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i prefer jamming than playing alone, you actually have people to build off of instead of the static from your amp.. or if you have an acoustic the sound of your air conditioning.

And on a bad day i usually play one song then go "oh" then stop
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Im more creative when Im jamming in a band situation. If its just a random bunch of people at a party though it never realy goes smoothly.
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I'm better live than when just jamming with my mates.

An occasionally il just have a mind blank and forget how or what riff comes next but that lasts about 20 seconds then im fine again. i have moments of not concentrating nt bad days altogether
I'm better at improvising when I'm with actual people. So yeah, I guess I'm a better player.
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I'm alot worse with people around. Im not really sure why, but I hate it.

Like if I go to GC I just freeze up, and end up playing like Sweet Child or Stairway because it seems like every other song I learned in the last 4 years just vanished from my head...and its like WHY!!!
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I'm better when I'm just playing with myself. I might actually be better when im playing with someone else but every guitarist i know cant even keep a beat, let alone play something organized with another person.
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I'm worse when I am playing for people. I get a little bit nervous, which ends up making my hands shake and screws up my alternate picking.
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Nah, if I'm playing in front of people I just tend to stick with what I'm totally sure with, but when I'm alone I'm much more... I don't know, experimental.