Hi all

I play a standard Gibson SG with stock pups through a Mesa Boogie Mark IV widebody combo.

I want to get some killer sludge tone out of that, but I think I'm lacking some stuff! For tone think about Mastodon (Leviathan/blood mountain), High on Fire, Baroness, ...you know the deal!
I know mastodon plays Marshall amps, well I don't have one and I don't intent buying one. My Mark IV kicks ass!

So what would you guys suggest to do first?
- Change pups? I got adviced to replace the stock pups with SD Pearly Gates / Custom Custom's or Alnico II Pro or dirty fingers....sort of lost track there
- buy external speaker cab? 2x12" with V30 speakers...quite expensive
- buy pedal? mastortion (duh!)....don't know many other pedals. Amp was versatile enough until now!

all advice is more than welcome!

Amp settings are welcome to!

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Gibson standard pups should be pretty good. Preferable the 500Ts as I think they are a bit hotter than the 498s and 400s. If you have Burstbuckers (they aren't as hot as the 500T) those are pretty much the standard I believe.

I'm eventually changing my Ibanez pups out for a Jeff Beck JB (Pelican and Tool used them) and some sort of PAF or something in the neck.... I was set on a Dimarzio PAF but I'm not so sure anymore.

Also for your amp, you might want to just get an OD like a TubeScreamer and put it in front of a fuzz, or just use a really good fuzz. I'm currently pretty set on a S.U.F Op-Amp Muff ($150) for playing pretty much the same style. On their website they actually go so far as to say that the pedal is "doom in a box", and it's confirmed by some reviewers.

I know a lot of people like to put the OD in front of the muff to open it up, I'm not sure if it works the same for the Op-Amp muff as it uses chips instead of transistors.

Either way, don't waste your amp away by using plain distortions, just add to it.
I heard of the tubescreamer before!
You think that one alone does alot to the sound? I'm a noob with pedals...what does a tubescreamer do?

Right now, the stock pups are the 490 in the neck and 498 in the bridge. The 490 is quite allright. The 498 is missing something I can't put my finger on...I think I need a more 'hotter' pup. For the rocking-out, I really like the sound of slash/Qotsa/SRV-ish, the creamy thick nasal sound with still some dirt/grit. (do I make any sense?)
First off you're gonna want a British voiced amp. Bill Kelliher uses a JCM 800 in stereo with a 2203KK, Matt Pike uses a 2203KK in stereo with a Saldano SLO, and the guys in Baroness have used 800's and Peavey VTMs (basically a hot rodded 800 circuit) and now use Bad Cats.

Why do you refuse to buy a Marshall?

Also, avoid the Mastortion. Brent only uses it for leads and has commented that no two Mastortions sound the same - not a good source for the sludgy rhythm tone you're after.
The best Sludge tone I've found is by setting the amp to just about breaking up point, and then hitting it with a Blackout Effectors Musket fuzz. More capable of the sludgyness than a standard Big Muff IMO.
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I second the Musket. They're modeled after the BM, but they have a mids control with a few other add ons that give them more versaitlity and control.
So as I'm hearing you guys right: no other pups, no other speaker, no other tubes, just a fuzz pedal?

Will check them out!
new pickups wouldn't hurt, but unless you have the time, money, and patience to possibly go through numerous sets of pups until you find the perfect ones, you shouldn't change them unless you don't like them.
+1 for the Musket.
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