Hey all, just finished up my album recently and decided to post an advert for it and get some feedback early.

So here is the track listing -


Feel free to check out the tracks. As this ultimate-guitar, worth pointing out some of the tracks have more guitar than others, and all the way through. Ones you may like would be Style (lotta guitar throughout dotted around, and towards the end a show down between the piano and "heavy guitar" parts, plus a dose of the funky... and Okiru which has guitars throughout (including some nifty slide phrasing).

It is an electronic/experimental album so I hope you guys like it regardless.

I'm up for C4C. Just check out the songs from the track listing at www.youtube.com/UGFORTHEWIN they should be easy to find navigating

Of course this album is to be released on CD, amazon, itunes etc ... but I hope that is explained okay.
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I listened to a couple tracks and I dig it. Let me know when it's available to buy.

Hey thanks a lot! Will do! It should be available nice and soon. Hopefully from Amazon and Itunes!

For a very reasonable price, too.