Hi guys,

I'm in a pickle. About 8 months ago i decided that i was going to upgrade my shoddy Line 6 Spider 3 120W to a Bugera 333XL combo. Now that i have the money i was looking around again and i saw that blackstar have released a new range of amps that fill the "mid-level" range.

And now i can't decide. I'm looking at both the Bugera 333XL combo and the Blackstar Stage 60 (2x12") and i honestly can't decide. I've heard what the Bugera can do in person, and it's an impressive piece of kit, and i've heard what the Blackstar can do via youtube and it seems really impressive, so has anyone out there heard both the amps in person and can comment on them both?

In terms of musical styles, i play a lot of drop C/B stuff and love heavy distortion. A must for me is for there to be a proper kick to a palm mute. But i also like to play more bluesy and clean stuff from time to time. (I'd love to get the sound The Black Keys get in this video of Thickfreakness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luwp5iZD8wQ)

Also, as an extra question, new amp, or should i go for a 7-string?

ANy help/opinions would be much appreciated.
Get the bugera for metal but check out the 6262 instead as I found it to.be better suited that the 333xl

Get a new amp first though

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Go to GC or wherever and compare them to eachother.
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I have the Bugera 333XL combo and I really love it. I'm sure you already know that it's modeled after the Peavey JSX and it really nails the tone of it. I have never played any Blackstars though so I can't really comment on them.

Edit: You might want to try the 6262 and 6260 as well. They might be a bit better for metal. I tried both of those side by side and I kind of liked the 6260 better. Go try them out if you can find them.
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the 333xl will sound better for metal. Has usable cleans and not really good for blues but u can get an overdrive pedal and use it on the clean channel for blues.

The blackstar is more versatile. Can get nice metal tones but the 333xl will be better for that. However the blacksar has nice cleans and can get a better blues tone by it self.

U choose.
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