I've found my favourite tone I can get out of a Peavey Vypyr is using the 'Brit' model on the Red channel. Now, I know the Green channel is undoubtedly a Vox AC30, but the amount of gain I get out of it on Red seems like more then a vintage one could push.

It claims in the manual it has a limited Mid range control, and all the other amps are the same amp on both channels. I find cutting the mids down low, with the treble and bass up to 9 or 10, I come very close to the Kill 'em All tone.

What I want to know is, is the Red Channel of the Brit model on the Vypyr an overdriven AC30, another Vox amp, or maybe even an Orange or Laney? My early presumption is that it was based on someone like Brian May or Rory Gallagher's sound, but it seems to push more gain then either of those two ever used.
My guess would be that it is what they say it is, and that the gain knob is just not true to the original.
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It's an overdriven AC30, but IMO the lower gain models as the Brit on the (SS) Vypyr sound pretty crappy.
To me it doesn't sound like it has much gain at all and it doesn't sound anything like the Kill 'Em All sound.

Anyway, especially the lower gain models of the Vypyr don't sound like the actual amps at all in my opinion.
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