I'd write a note for you but I never liked
My style of writing so I'll sing it with my
Bloody mouth that has been trying not to lie
About the way that I still feel now

I'll try to tell these cold, lonesome hands
That they will never feel the warmth of her again
That they will have to map another route another plan
To feel protection where it's needed

I'll try to see you through my
Bruised and swollen, ever jaded eyes
But I can't promise you a tearful goodbye
Because I don't think that you need one

Somedays I make it through fine
But others I can't fathom why it died
And I will look inside it's grave and I will find
The reason everyone's so crazy

But can't we find a love that we both need
And hold it close until the reaper comes for me
Or you, I pray that I will never have to see
For you I never want to leave

But if a looking glass came to me in time
And if the gypsy told me one day son you'll be fine
And when her name is mentioned you won't even sigh
No, you won't even bat an eye

Well then I'd tell her that you must be out your mind
A girl like that comes only once in a whole life
But maybe I just need some time
Maybe she was always right

But until that day I'll try and understand
How a woman can so quickly break a man
And how a god that loves me didn't tell his plans
And save his son all of that cryin'

And why does everyone I know share the same fate
Why do we all sit down to cold and empty plates
And did she ever sit and cry and contemplate
All of the choices that she made

But I know that I'm just dwelling on the past
And moments like that may have come but they won't last
So wipe the tears and dust your shirt off, son it'll pass
Yeah, the pain it will pass

La da da da da da da da da
La da da da da da da da da da da
La da da da da da da da da da da
La da da da da da
*Takes his hat off* Man. I'm really impressed. I love songs about life and human relations and this one seems so full of it. And full of wisdom of some kind. I liked it much.

Cheers. Ace.