naturally, from the name and the price points, I thought custom was just a better instrument

however, I'm hearing from a lot that they are more "different" than one being better than another, and some may prefer the feel and sound of standards

is this true? or is it just made up by standard users who dont own customs or something (no offense whatsoever to standard users... i'm simply wondering how those words got to circulate if they are not true)
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No, it depends on the individual guitars you're comparing to each other. Some Standards might be better than Customs and the other way around.
I bought my Standard because it was the nicest looking and feeling guitar in the shop at the time (and that I had pretty much ever played). I've played tons of Studios, Standards, Customs, and others, and all I can say is that each guitar is unique. I've played Studios that I loved, Standards I hated, and Customs I wouldn't have paid half price for (except maybe to resell and make a quick buck), and vice versa on all of those.

Bottom line: they have different features, some of which cost more to produce or include, some of which have a name or reputation attached to them that may or may not make them worth more to any individual player, but that Gibson feels they can charge more for offering even though they don't cost the manufacturer extra. A lot of the features that make one guitar more expensive than another when you're talking about a $2,500 guitar vs a $5,000 guitar don't necessarily make it a "better" guitar unless it's a feature that the buyer specifically wants. Sometimes they're strictly cosmetic features that just cost more to produce, such as binding or inlays, sometimes it's a wood or hardware choice that gives a different sound but may not necessarily be more expensive (or it may be), but that doesn't necessarily make it a "better" guitar if that's not a feature you want.

I would hope when people buy guitars at those price levels, they are basing their decisions off of the feel, looks, and sound preferences they have, along with any features they may want or need, rather than on the reputation or price of a guitar that supposedly makes one "better" than another.
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Aren't the Customs made in a different factory than the Standard?

I can't think which one does which, but there's the Custom Shop and then there's the regular Gibson plant. I'm pretty sure that's in Nashville, and the Custom Shop in Memphis.

The Custom Shop makes I think a max of 100 guitars a day. The regular Gibson factory makes 300, I think. I know the number the Custom Shop makes is much smaller.

The Custom Shop also takes more time into making their guitars "perfect." Each guitar goes through a series of master luthiers through each process of making the guitar. That makes it cost more.

Whereas the regular shop, less time is put in to making these guitars "perfect." You're still getting a high-quality Gibson guitar, but this guitar didn't go down a line of master luthiers.

Both guitars are crafted by hand, but I'm pretty sure the Custom Shop does more of their guitars by hand than the regular shop. Both guitars are PLEK'd...

The Custom Shop just has a reputation for making higher quality guitars, really. There's nothing wrong with buying a Custom Shop or a Nashville factory Gibson guitar. You're still getting a good guitar.
but everything is so individual that just because technically its a better guitar doesnt mean YOU think it is. something might just turn you off about it.

chances are, it is a better built guitar.
gah. why we need one of these threads every single week.

gibson custom > gibson usa 99 percent of the time. It's just effin true. can you kids just deal with it.

hey riddle me this are mercedes amgs always better then regular mercedes?
eff yes.

Prs se Holcomb is the answer
A few years ago, the only real differences between the Gibson Les Paul Custom and the Les Paul Standard were that the Custom had an ebony fretboard and a mahogany cap. These days, the Standard has a lot of unique features and the Custom is now made by the Gibson Custom Shop, demanding much higher quality wood and craftsmanship.
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