I'm looking into buying one of these guitars. Since there in the same price range and I can only try the squier, I was wondering what you think.

What will be the differences in playabillity(solo's on high frets and what the neck is like). sound(I guessed they have the same sort of sound, so it's just about how are they compared to each other.

Thank you
Well, I preferred the necks on the Squiers I've played over my buddy's Vintage strat(not sure what the model was, I only spent 15 minutes fiddling with it and he traded it in for a Washburn two months after he got it due to his "need of a FR and humbuckers"), but I love Wilkinson pickups. At the same time, Squiers have great pickups, but I'd probably go try both, they're both great guitars. Oh, and Vintages are supposed to be Fender/Gibson replicas, so I'd say the fret access is about the same. =P
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
From my experience, I'd recommend the Vintage.

I've had both kinds of guitars, the Vintage V6 (not the Icon one) in laguna blue was a recent purchase.

The Wilkinson hardware and pickups is great. The tuning is helped also by the two holes on the posts. The string goes through once like normal, then through a second time. Means much less in the way of shifting tuning if you use the bar

I'm happy with mine but because I play heavier stuff, I'm going to put a Hotrail in the bridge

If you were to go with the Vintage, it might need a set up out of the box but this shouldn't be too dear, and you get a crackin' guitar.