My name’s Maddy and I’m working with PureSolo.com on an incredibly exciting Guitar competition that has launched in the past few weeks! We’re offering people the chance to re-record original MARK KNOPFLER and DIRE STRAITS tracks! The final prize is the chance to win a one-on-one tutorial with Mark himself. For more information on how to enter visit the PureSolo website http://bit.ly/PureSoloKnopfler or Facebook page http://facebook.com/PureSolo

Mark Knopfler has made three of his most famous tracks available to PureSolo, remastered with the lead guitar part missing. The tracks are ‘Sultans of Swing’ ‘Calling Elvis’ and ‘Speedway at Nazareth’. Guitarists who want to enter the competition can download the tracks and record their own guitar over the top, essentially filling the shoes of Mark!

The winner will get to meet Mark Knopfler at his private studios in London for a one-to-one mentoring session, a prize that money can’t buy! The winner will receive a free return (economy) flight and 2 night stay in a 5* London hotel.

This is a great opportunity that no guitarist will want to miss out on! It would be great to get all your guys feedback on this! Let me know if you're fine for me to post on the forum!!

Watch this video to get more of an idea about the competition… http://bit.ly/b5IZP6

For more info, click below...

Website http://bit.ly/PureSoloKnopfler
Facebook http://facebook.com/PureSolo
Twitter http://twitter.com/puresolo
YouTube http://youtube.com/puresolotv