Hey guys, Last month I bought an issue of Total Guitar and was happy to see that they had a section which can apparently teach my legato in a month (week by week techniques).

The first and second week were fairly simple trills and hammer-on's which I already understood how to do.

However, week three is a pull of exersize which looks like this.

--8--5--0--8--5--0--8--5--0--7--4--0--7--4--0--7--4--0--5--2--0--5--2--0--5--2--0--| etc.

To do this i assumed I had to use my pick to strum (Every time on the 8th fret, pull off to 5 and pull off to an open)

I was then curious to look online to see if there is any help out there, and they all say to lose my pick and that I don't need to strum at all.

Now, I have spent about an hour trying to get use all sorts of way's to get the sort of sounds without strumming.. This is where I get completely baffled !

If anyone can understand what I'm waffling on about, can I have some words of wisdom?

Just hammer on the 8th, pull off to 5, pull off to open..then switch to 7 and 4..
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for a exercise like that i`d start on the high E and practice it on that string first before moving onto the next and get comfortable, but to start the exercise i`d pick the 1st note or slide into it.

it`s a fairly standard lick.
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It could be a hammer from nowhere - where you literally hammer onto the 8 without picking. Although if you pick the 8 really lightly you'll pretty much get a legato effect for the lick.
Shame on them for not using correct notation on their tab, unless that's just how you copied it up If it were to be a hammer on from nowhere you would see a h8p5p0 or something similar to denote that. From the definition of legato it is playing notes closely together without pause, so I'd say you're fine to pick the first note to get things started, but you're either going to have to re-pick again when you do your next pull off, or just hammer back to it from nowhere.

It sounds like the whole idea behind this though is to get you able to do hammer ons out of nowhere and combine that with quick pull offs. So ya just hammer and pull and pull and hammer and pull and pull *edit* actually now that I read it again it says excersize for pull offs, so ya, just Pluck the 8 and pull off the 5 and 0 then pluck the 8, pull off 5 and 0.
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