Hey guys,

My mate in my band wants a new amp. And bloody about time! haha. He uses a 20watt fender solid state, and its not as bad as it looks but because we're gigging, tubes are in order!

He plays VERY bluesy things like Hendrix and bands such as, creedence, pink floyd etc...

He has also been looking at the Fender Deluxe VM that is being sold at £550 in our local music shop and I am going to bombard him with used ebay equipment instead.

Is this the amp to go with?

Is there something much nicer for around the same price?

UK based by the way!

Thanks very much,

If it's in the local shop he should try it
Call me Cahum.

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Sorry for the not very helpful (and obvious) advice. I actually don't really have any suggestions so I'll have to leave it to others
Call me Cahum.

Squier Classic Vibe 50s Strat
Epiphone AJ-10 Acoustic

Valvepower 18w
Blackheart 112 cab
I steered away from the Deluxe VM cos apparently it's not all valve or something?

In that price range I'd say a Blues Deluxe or a Hot Rod Deluxe (if you're looking at Fender) would be a bit more of a safe option, for a similar price (cheaper if you ebay about a bit).
I see I see

Ah, our music shops arn't that great. They're alright for strings and small things, but they are expensive and stock bad things such as Line6 Spiders

I also saw a Dunlop 535q being sold as USED for £129!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why, I don't know

So the internets the best thing for us
^ just bear in mind that thomann isn't cheaper for everything- check prices on UK online stores too (e.g. dv247 and gak). But when thomann is cheaper it's normally a lot cheaper. bear in mind you need a uk kettle lead if you buy from thomann.
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Fender blues deluxe or Hot rod deluxe.

also since u're in the uk, check out a laney vc30.
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