So, hi!
I started playing in Drop Db a lot (its like drop d, just all strings are half step lower) with a set of 11-48 strings. But somewhere i read that 10-52 are better strings gauge for that kinda tunning, because bottom strings are heavier. Well i dont know if i really need heavier than 48 bottom strings, and i dont really want to experiment with different gauge strings as im saving money for a pedal.
So, im asking you, guys, what string gauge you would suggest to use with Drop Db tunning? I dont want my guitar to sound too heavy, but dont want strings to be too floppy. So are 11-48 ok for that tunning or should i buy a 10-52 set?
If you like what you have stick with it. I use the same tuning, and I use light strings because I like how they bend.
Do you like the way your guitar feels now? Just because you read that those string gauges are best...doesn't mean you should change. If it's not broke, don't fix it
why the hell do people say "a half step down from Drop D"

just say Drop C#


But yea .48 should be fine, thats what I used to use
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just try it. if it holds your tuning well enough and you like how the strings feel, stick with it. just be sure to check the intonation

+1, best answer here
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why the hell do people say "a half step down from Drop D"

just say Drop C#

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I use 10-52 and they're amazing for C#.
But that's just me.

Can i ask what kind of music do you play?
Whatever is most comfortable for you is what matters i use 10-52 for everything from standard to drop c and they feel good, but on the other hand i can not longer comfortable play a normal 10 guage set without second guessing myself. Basicaly just play whats comfortable.