my gear is in my sig, and Im installing some BareKnuckle Nailbombs (with a coilsplit) within the next few days. Mind you I'm not trying to get an exact tone because I don't care for replicating someone elses tone exactly, but listening to a lot of Muse and Chili peppers makes me want to get a fuzz. I know Matt Bellamy uses a Fuzz Factory and I have tried a DBA Fuzz War but don't have much to compare it to.

Any recommendations?

John Frusciante's tone is killer.

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Well John just uses a Big Muff Pi (USA one) for his fuzz tones
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Quote by ILiKePiNeAppLeS
Well John just uses a Big Muff Pi (USA one) for his fuzz tones

This, Matt Bellamy uses a Z-Vex Fuzz Factory.
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The Muff is the closest approximation in one box, and definitely one of the less expensive solutions. The fuzz factory will get you some of the Stadium Arcadium studio tones, but the muff will do most of the live and some of the studio tones from other albums.