Alright, so for my band i've been trying to write a bunch of stuff and I've hit sort of a mental block. We wanna sound like Broadway, Burden of a Day, kinda sorta progressive nu metalcore. What're some chords and stuff I can use that fit this kind of music other than power chords?
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I can't throw any chords your way because with my experience (which isn't much lol) too many notes on an electric guitar + distortion can sound really muddy. I'm not saying that you can't use exotic chords or anything. I would check out some of the links in the music theory columns about chords and about spicing them up.

Mess around with some stuff but try not to force things in "just because." Its great to get a feel for a lot of scales, chords and progressions and then just jump in and kind of let the song write itself. Once you have a good amount of chord theory and some hands on know how, your ability to express yourself with notes will really pop and instead of just mashing a 5 chord up in there you might say hey lets try a v7. Who knows.

Hope I can be of some help and good luck