Ok, I have a Fender VG stratocaster, and I noticed that the 6th string E sounds significantly quieter than the rest of the strings. It has a new set of strings, and the pickup height is correctly adjusted, so it's a strange problem. I tried setting all my equalizer settings to their lowest to see if that might have been the problem, but my 6th string still sounds quieter than the other strings. Anyone know what the problem could be or have a solution?
Any advice is appreciated!
6th string is the low E (thickest one), is that what you mean? Weird, people usually have such problems with the 1st one. Have you tried to angle the pickups towards that string? The pickup height is correctly adjusted when it sounds good to you, they only give you a starting point in setup guides, but it's not carved into stone, you can stray from that. What string gauge do you use?
well, it is the low E, and I do have the pickups angled towards it. I currently have a set of .10s on the guitar.