I've looked all over the place, and can't seem to find an answer to this problem.

Basically, i want to know if a noise supressor pedal such as the boss NS2 or the behringer NR300 can cut out the noise from my amp.

I play with the gain pretty high, and there is an audible noise difference between having the volume on my guitar up, or rolled down, even if i'm not playing.

I'm not as bothered about cutting out the actual hum of the amp itself as i am about getting rid of the nasty feedback i get when not playing, without having to roll the volume down on my guitar during choppy riffs.

I was thinking either:

Guitar >> tuner >> Noise reducer input >> noise reducer output >> amp input


Guitar >> tuner >> amp input >> effects send >> noise reducer input >> noise reducer output >> effects return


Guitar >> tuner >> noise reducer input >> Noise reducer send >> amp input >> effects send >> Noise reducer return >> noise reducer output >> effects return

basically, do i put the noise reducer before the amp, in the amp's effects loop, or do i put the preamp in the noise reducer's loop?

Can anyone suggest which of these works, or which is best for what i'm trying to do?