i made a mistake of buying a Fender Frontman 212R and im tired of it.

So im gonna sell my 212r and buy either the Peavey Vypyr or Randall RG75, and i mainly play metal and rock so i did some research and they said these were meant for metal

Which one is a better amp? and which one is worth the 300 dollars?

thanks please reply
if they were really good they would be worth more than 300
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Well the randall has transtube technology (tube + transistor for best of both world, 'Hybrid amp') And ye i've got one too, and they are pretty damn good. You'll get a nicer tone than the Vypyr but you won't get as much of a range of tones. Even though my randall + tele + gain green channel = epic hendrix-style tone. You wouldn't expect it! + Thenonwards, you can do some cool stuff with the Randall, E.G Make it all tube.

So yea randall is my choice
I have the Randall RG100 and it is absolutely awesome.

The Vypyr is a modeling amp (the best of the bunch) and the RG100 is a hybrid between solid state and tube, as it has one preamp tube.

They're very different amps, both good.

Get the Randall. You will not be disappointed. I can get great blues, classic rock and all types of metal out of it. It sounds HUGE, yet tight.
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A lot of people like the Vypyr, and it has a lot of effects/models on it, but I don't really like Peavey amps as a whole(they're all either not gainy enough or fuzzmania to my experience, and some use...odd terms on them. IT'S CLEAN VOLUME, NOT RHYTHM POST. GAH.). Randalls have a rather different tone to them IMO, more punchy and great for metal rhythms, and I have a RG2 75-watt and love it to bits. Only thing is, it's only got clean and distortion, so if you want effects and don't want to dish out money on a pedal the Vypyr's probably more up your alley.
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