I bought a Fender MIM strat last year and i love it to death. But theres a problem...its my only guitar and i need a pickup change badly. So heres my question UG, would http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-FG2108-Fast-Track-Prewired-Pickguard?sku=476234 be good enough to cover a broad range of music, from Sublime, RHCP, Clapton, Hendrix, and other "soft music" to Malmsteen, Racer X, Lamb of God, and other "hard styles?"
You can't get a good tone playing Metal on a Strat really, so Lamb of God and Racer X are out. Even if you downtune, it just sounds muddy. As for playing Malmsteen , Sublime, RHCP, Clapton, and Hendrix, if I recall correctly, those musicians all used Strats, so you should be fine there. (Yes, Malmsteen is Metal, but he plays a Strat, whereas the guitarists for Racer X and Lamb of God use guitars with pickups that have more crunch.)
yea i dont like downtuning. lowest ove gone on my strat was Eb. and i didnt mean metal sorry for the misimformation lol. i meant shred and alot of 80's speed metal. although i would like to play a few songs from lamb of god and racer x
lamb of god could happen because they have this oversized single coil kind of tone anyway. racer x, it mite be a stretch but you should be alrite with ok eqing. whats the rest of your rig? this would help. all the rest sound fine with that set but i would just replace the bridge pickup because you will want to keep the mid and neck for your froosh and clapton stuff
i have a line 6 bogner. its pretty much all tube. despite what alot of UGer's think, this a great a,p from line 6. i can already get great tones out of it, but when i venture into higher gain it gets a little muddy. i heard the fast track 2 is a very hot pickup.