Hey all,

Thinking of a shake up of my board so if anyone is interested in these/has the things I'm after then please get in touch

Boss FV-50 volume pedal. Quality volume pedal, has minimum volume setting, tuner out jack, 2 inputs/ouputs for channel blending. All round great pedal and in great condition too, comes in original box. No longer really use it. Looking for about £60

Dunlop Zakk Wylde wah. Brushed steel casing, standard wah operation but with a different voicing to a crybaby. Very 'dark' and 'throaty' - Zakk's sound essentially. Usual problem of broken battery clip holder but still functions perfectly. Just looking for a different sound and tbh - I miss the ease of use of my weeping demon (I keep leaving the crybaby turned on!). Again, great condition and comes with original box and torque key. After about £70 for this but would ideally like to trade as I can't be without one for too long!

Trade wise I'm after:

Another wah - not massively bothered about which one - willing to look into any really. Like I said, I loved the auto-function of the weeping demon so would be happy with something similar but am open-minded!

Ideally a Zakk wylde overdrive pedal, but would look into other OD pedals too. I'm after the ZW specifically because it's amazing at boosting an already distorted channel into a great lead sound. Just gone down to a 2 channel amp so looking to add that extra versatility in there that I need. That is my ideal but again I will consider others - maybe a proco rat or something...I dunno!

Only other stipulation is that any pedal offered must be able to be powered by a standard 9v adaptor!

TC Ellis Custom Series 2
Gibson Les Paul Studio Platinum edition

Korg Pitchblack, Vox V847 wah
Blackstar HT40