Hi, I do a lot of home recording and have quite a lot of gear, full list of working gear is Epiphone Dot, Fender 50s reissue Telecaster, Vintage bass (viontage company, not old) some acoustic, Dunlop crybaby wah, Marshall DSL401, Marshall Valvestate S80, Boss BR900 recorder and a Shure PG48 and my drummer keeps his kit in my studio so I use that. I mostly just do demos so quality isn't a huge issue, but I plan to be putting some stuff online soon, the guitar, bass, keyboard and vocal sound is fine, but the drums sound pretty bad. It isn't as noticeable in louder songs, but I'm doing house of the rising sun atm, which is quite quiet. Now the thing is, being 16, I can't afford a full set of drum mics, so is there an all in one mic, that would be able to record the whole kit at one time and still sound ok??? I know it would be better to mic each drum and cymbal, but I can't afford it, so is there an all in one mic that would sound all right??
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There are some cheap mic sets for about a hundred bucks out there. Do some research. It will definetely sound better than any expensive microphone.
Personally, even on a budget I think you are still going to want to use at least two mics for drums (one to capture the whole set and one for the kick drum). That being said, if you got a Shure PG57 (or even better, SM57, but it is a little less budget friendly) it would be the ideal microphone. I do recommend - if you only have one mic to do this with and assuming you are tight enough on drums - recording the whole kit from above in one take, and then record a second take from just in front of the kick drum (the logo side, not the beater side). I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but these are my suggestions.