Im looking to buy my first tube amp!
And was looking for any advice I'm going to be playing stuff similar to
(Hit the lights, Four year strong, All time low, Me vs hero) for this new band I'm in

The heads I'm looking into are the Orange rocker 30, Mesa single rec. and Jcm 2000
Im open to all amp suggestions so can anyone help me decide
I live too far from any guitar shop to test em out myself
I will test them out before i buy I just need to narrow my search
I need a head that can get enough gain for chuggs

But i also want to be able to dial back the gain and play some SRV on my own time.
you pretty much got all of em there, only other suggestion would be the peavey 6505+
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So I got a good deal on a Jcm 900 dual reverb not sure if this is the right amp though
so when i go test it out i need some amp settings to get a good tone out of this
im looking for hit the lights tone any help?
the JCM 900 dual reverb would be real good for that sort of thing.
i play a similar style and i get good tones from my 900.
rocker 30 needs a boost to get real good "chugga chugga", but its do-able.

id go the 900.

edit- try these.
low- 7
gain- 6-7/ 12-14.

mines an SL-X though so it has a bit more gain than the dual reverb. DR should still sound sweet.

just out of curiosity, whats the "good deal"
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I posted the same question on another thread:
Anyone used an Orange TH30 for post-rock gigs? Are the cleans loud enough to cut through the band?
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