Hey guys, I've heard a popular swap for a Fender Blues Jr. amp is a celestion speaker. I'm assuming that its a G12M or a G12H but I've got a G12T-100 in an old fender amp. would this provide anything better than the stock speaker that was already in my blues jr. or not really?

also...EE question. IF i've got a 4ohm rated system, and an 8 ohm amp, can i just put a 8 ohm resistor in parallel with the speaker and use it yet?? or am i on dope? also could i use a 4 ohm in an 8 ohm system.

I cant really help you with the first question but regarding the second one....you're on dope
If the amp is rated 4 ohms, it can see an 8 ohm load without suffering ill effects, yes.

If the amp is 8 ohms into a 4 ohm load you'll have a problem.
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I guess I'm just trying to understand how these amps work at more of a component level. as an EE we can represent a load as a load, thevenan equivalent circuit. however i do know that not everything works out in theory. the obvious that an 4 ohm load into a 8 ohm circuit wouldn't cause any harm, but is there any way to attenuate a 8 ohm load to work with a 4 ohm circuit?? generally speaking the source doesn't really care what the output is, only as long as it doesn't pull more than it's rated at. Granted (theoretically) an 8 ohm resistor in parallel with the speaker should equal 4 ohms of resistance AND its wasted power, would that be (theoretically) possible but drastically affect tonal quality? I'm just curious if there's anyway to affectively let an 8ohm load work with a 4 ohm source......theory presents the opportunity but reality suggests different.
It'd have to be a very large wattage resistor with a good way to dissipate excess heat. I'd assume there would be tonal changes as well.
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The resistor idea is bonkers. The loss in power by running a resistor would be the same as running a larger impedance speaker in the first place - AND your amp will be working harder to acheive it. Just hook your 8 ohm speaker to your 4 ohm amp and go for it.
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