I love all your songs, they make me laugh every time. I like how you made it slightly awkward, but still kept it flowing. Great playing as always man, you still need to get a bass in there though, would really make it pop.

Thanks for the crit.
I got gypped - It has a good chord progression, G-C-D, kinda like good ol classic bob dylan =) I enjoyed it =) interesting lyics - sounded like a stretch for rhyming in some parts, but nonetheless good. Thanks for the crit - keep workin, and find a better job.. 7.50 sucks
I like it! I'm not quite sold on your delivery, but you wear it well, so probably just me lol. I like the down home quality of the song, and everyone can relate to the subject matter. I enjoy the vocal harmonies as well; I don't think there was a note out of place anywhere!

If I had any recommendations, I'd say just add some instrumentation to it, if possible. I understand that this is a rough cut, but I think a bass part, maybe some percussion (tambourine?), and a tempo change once you hit the chorus, and you're looking at a pretty sweet song!

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I like this track! I think the bridge is perfect. I love how it comes in and brings the song forward.
One thing that could make this track really badass is another guitar playing some spread voicings up above the 7th fret. I love it otherwise though!
Hahaha love the name, I use that word all the time ^.^
Bass would do wonders on this I reckon but it still sounds great without it. And, as mentioned, harmonies are great! What did you record this with?
Ha! Nice, good stuff man I especially like the vocals and the processing on them. I wasn't quite sure about the lyrics to start with But I totally changed my mind after a few lines.

The Harmonies are nice and tight as well and I obviously can't fault the guitar playing.

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