a CD-60, it's served me pretty well, it doesn't play like a £100 acoustic.. it plays like a £1000 acoustic, i was honestly shocked when I tried it and kinda fell in love, but after I saw this gorgeous tanglewood with abalone binding and rosette I have to sell it to justify a new acoustic.

Let me know any offers thx!

If you really want pics let me know they'll be up tomorrow.

I'm based in Leeds uk.


Like I said, cost me £100 and it's pretty good nick, basically a small chip that's not exactly visible unless you're looking for it.. offer me for the price, can put pics up tomorrow night sorry about the wait



The only thing I'm selling is the guitar.. no stupid questions like "il by ur sofa lulz" or "how much 4 da strap" etc.. just the guitar.

Last pic is the chip, which as you can see from other pics.. isn't really all that visible.