Poll: M Audio Fast Track Pro vs pod studio UX1
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Line 6 pod studio UX1
3 38%
M Audio Fast Track Pro
5 63%
Voters: 8.
Hey guys need help , i wanna mic my amp for recording, wich one should i get as they both have a mic, and both are usb, i have already 2 recording software, reaper and cubase le4 , so for me its just the usb interface i want
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If you're micing the amp, you just want the mAudio fast track pro, because there's no point micing up your amp sound then butchering it with all the effects in pod studio.

If what you actually meant was just direct recording your guitar, not using a microphone, then I'd get the line 6.
I'd get the Fast Track over the UX1 since the UX1 doesn't have phantom power (which if you ever plan to record vocals, get that). I'd probably take the UX2 over the FTP since it has phantom power and Pod Farm.
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