Does anyone have any experience with one of these?

I found it here on CraigsList just a minute ago.

I'm asking because I've never owned (Or even used) an EQ pedal before. I hear they really can help shape your tone though? Is that true? And would it help with my setup?

You can look in my sig.. But it goes like this.

My Schecter -> Boss DS-1 -> Arion Delay -> Crate V50 (Clean channel)
Substitute my Schecter for my LTD on occasion..

Would this help? He's asking $40 for it, I'll attempt to talk him down a bit IF you think it's a good idea, GG&A.

Any advice is appreciated. (I think I'll go ahead apologize for my damn pedal help threads the past 2 days)
Gotta love CraigsList..