Hey idk if the is the right place for this thread but,

Im going to be getting a new guitar for my birthday which is very soon. And i really like the looks of a hollow body guitar. and im wondering what hollow bodys should i look at im on a budget (around 500 to 700 dollars U.S.). I was also wondering if hollow bodys are good for the kind of music i listen to. some of the bands i like are Sex Pistols, The Strokes, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Against Me!, Muse etc.

so any advice/help that can be given is awesome
ya it's perfect for your stuff.

Ibanez artcore
epi sheratons, dots, and the like.
fenter thinlines
there are others.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Gretsch 5120 or 5122 (double cutaway) are fantastic guitars and play very well for style you are after
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Quote by r0ckth3d34n

The Schecter Corsair is SO god damn top heavy, I really hate them.. Just my opinion.

But on the other hand, I own a Gretsch 5120 (single-cut version of the 5122) and I adore it so. I put burstbuckers in mine, but the stock pickups in it sound pretty good, even when distorted. But too much distortion and they would sound so muddy.

So, TS, the 5122 (or 5120) would be a great choice that you would love, unless you want CRUSHING OVERDRIVE.
For the stuff you listed, a hollowbody would be anywhere from above-average to fantastic.

Gretsch, Ibanez and Epiphone are your friends when you want a semihollow/hollow on the cheap. The G5120/5122 is good, but you could also look at the Jet (although it appears to be a solidbody, it is a chambered, versatile guitar). Ibanez have a whole slew of guitars in the Artcore series, and Epiphone has the Sheraton, Riviera, Wildkat, Emporer, etc.