Hey guys, so I've been playing guitar for two years now and I can play decently. The thing is, I've hit a dead end and I'm just not improving skill wise. I took lessons in guitar for about a year but eventually all the guy was doing was teaching me how to cover songs, it didn't really seem to go anywhere.

So now ít's been a while and, yeah sure I can cover a lot of songs, like sweet child of mine, some lynyrd skynyrd songs, hendrix and that kind of stuff but let's be honest it's just covers. I still know absolutly ZERO about music theory, and I suck at improv except maybe blues.

I love playing the instrument and just playing along to my favorite songs but I notice that this way it doesn't really go anywhere and I'd really like to improve my skills. So how did you guys go about this, is a teacher required? Or can you suggest some helpfull links about learning scales, tools to practice etc?
There are two absolute truths about progress -

One is that it's necessary to improve and stay alive as a musican, and the other is that every so often, it stops happening

Theory is helping me break out of that a bit now, as well as learning some styles of gutiar I wasn't familiar with enough to play - well or at all. Other times you just have to keep playing - power through it.

I'd suggest a book called "Theory for the Contemporary Guitarist." by Guy Capuzzo. It's a great standalone book to get you into theory, and has tests, quizzes, and applications for what you learn. It's helped me tremendously.

teacher isn't necessary, but a good one can be invaluable to you as a musician.
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I recommend a good theory crash course. At the very least, learn the modes. Personally, I plan to study some theory this coming Fall in school.

But another thing I've always done, that always helped me, is to write some songs. Just start writing songs. Go back to them later and improve them. For instance, I wrote this song three or four years ago, but just today I went back and took a look at the intro, cuz I rediscovered the song and was playing it. The intro bored me. So, I rewrote it. Things like that force you to move forward. You also learn songcrafting technique, which forces you to improve your playing to figure out certain sounds or atmospheres, etc. You learn what works well and what doesn't work well. Even if you suck at it to begin with (like me, I had no natural virtuosity in regards to songwriting), as you keep working on it, your guitar playing gets better. As your guitar playing gets better, so does your songwriting. The two feed off of each other.

Try it out, TS. Start simple and then get slowly more and more complex. Have fun!
try learning all the notes along the fretboard on each string. can take some time but gives you a better understanding of what is playable in certain positions. other than that scales and their modes. hope this helps a bit
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So what I hear you saying is that you want to improvise your own original stuff?? IS that right???