Hey all,

I thought some of the residents here may be interested in an audio engineering forum I've set up.

My intention is to provide a space to grow a community of producers and engineers with a forward-thinking mindset, regardless of genre.

I know there are some here who are dissatisfied with the quality of discussion on UG,
so get on over to the new forum, create some discussion and lets see where it goes.

this is an open invitation, its your forum, make it how you want it to be.

EDIT: i'm especially looking for good moderators, pm me if you think you're up to it.
this is so against the rules it is not funny. You also need to remove the link from your sig.

if you would like to advertise your forum, please see the advertising like at the bottom of your screen. otherwise, advertising forums that are in direct competition to UG is a huge no-no.

if you dont like the quality of discussion on UG, make it better by giving good advice and helping people.