Creepy, I really liked the reed organ doing its thing w/ the bass at the beginning.

When the distortion comes in, I'd personally use different chords, Bar 23 I didn't really like what the lead was doing.

After that though it was nice, nice harmony at bar 40.

Bar 48, not a big fan of, but bar 50 is awesome, epic as hell man! Really liked that and I think it's great for an album opener.

My only gripe is to change some of the transitions, but then again guitar pro is known to make pieces sound like crap so it might sound good in an actual recording.

Are there are any palm mutes for the overdriven guitars? Just curious.

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"Our revenge so everlasting sweet,
Enslave your Children, Behead the weak,
Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
we come from the stars a trillion strong."
The intro part of it was nice, organ track was really creepy, some of the notes on it felt a bit off though. I loved when the acoustic guitar came in, I thought that riff was really awesome and it just gave such a creepy vibe.

Bar 13 struck me by surprise, I loved the organ on that, that whole part is just amazing. Only problem is the riff on bar 23 (track 2) sounded way too happy for the song. It didn't work at all.

Bar 25 part was really great, very epic and dark. Loved it.

Bar 36 is where I start not liking it much. The riff is just kinda boring needs some leads, especially on bar 40, I loved the harmonies then mid-bar it just stopped, I got excited but then I saw you actually did that later on (Must of been a mistake?).

Bar 44 part seemed kinda boring again, nothing too new or special, maybe try adding some leads.

The chords on 48 sounded a bit off, the next synth parts were good on that part, but just 48 sounded off. I didn't really like 53 either, sounded too out of place, try using more bass notes and having something heavy. Like a fast breakdown on the low first string with the percussion going crazy on double bass or something.

Overall that last section was kinda nice, just seemed a bit a bit boring. I liked the idea of the kinda panic in the strings. But I didn't really like how it ended, try going for something more hard hitting. Maybe have it fade into a soft piano and play a sort of creepy riff then have it fade out. Something more epic I'd suppose than a cliche last note for 4 bars.

Still great work, I absolutely loved the beginning, it just started to fall short near the middle.

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