So normally I can sing up to about a D# when running up scales or what not. However, I discovering recently I can sing as high as an F when I singing certain words, or if it's preceded by a certain pattern of notes, or a run where it gets increasingly higher. I'm not sure if it's because of the shape of my mouth which creates more resonance or some other factor, but I've tried to figure it out and it's not because of not warming up properly beforehand or anything like it. So basically, my question is do any of you experience this, is it common and is there anyway to control it or know what to expect?
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Yep, some vowels give your voice more freedom. Also, you might feel more comfortable gradually raising in pitch, rather than just blasting right into a high note.

I'm feeling like it's the comfort thing. My theory I'll add is that your range normally goes to there, but during scales because you're actually focusing on the singing you tense your throat up and cause yourself to strain the higher you get. In turn, this decreases your range. Once your simply singing and not really worrying about it you can just kinda go up there and pluck the note.
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