Just recorded a quick little sort of Bossa Novaish style jam. Both parts were improvised and done in one take each, the quality's a bit off due to the terrible mic I had to use so i did what i could quickly with some Eq and 'verb.

It's in my profile, its called quiick bossa Nova jam.

Tell me what you think, cheers.
Bravo! A nice, chill jam. It ended a little oddly, but I'm really impressed. Looking forward to more of this kind of stuff.

I can't seem to find anything off about the quality, it sounds great. What's your setup?
I can't wait till my fro is full grown.
Thanks guys! I recorded this at my parent's house with a £20 guitar and my mum's mic (a Sampson C01U, I f absolutley hate it.) and she's lost the stand and shockmount so I guess that's why I'm being picky with the quality.
I really enjoyed this. I closed my eyes and saw myself walking down an empty boardwalk at sunset with a pretty lady......ummm, that's a compliment! I enjoyed the style; Bossa Nova isn't something I've really been exposed to, but I might have to check it out. The backing rhythm is awesome, and the solo hits all the right notes.

Pretty sweet stuff! Now if only you could add some Jack Johnson style vocals

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ya man, good stuff. i really enjoyed that, especially the runs from 1:20-1:30. as someone else said you hit all the "right" notes. sounded great. easy listening, real soothing. If i had a critique I would say it seems you might be plucking the strings a bit too hard at about 1:31 and one other time. it stuck out to me and i went back and rewound the song to see what i heard. but thats just nitpicking. all in all really good, loved the sound, chord choices/mood etc, not something i generally listen to but i enjoyed that.
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