So I have the Epiphone Firebird with the gearless Steinberger 40:1 tuners. While they look interesting and different etc I'm not entirely convinced of their tuning prowess - I know that on most sites they've recieved rave reviews but I've found the need to clamp the damn strings tight with a set of pliers to prevent too much slippage. Similarly there does occaisionally seem to be a bit of slippage on the G string if I leave it for a while, like overnight.

I've played with various other guitars with the normal tuning pegs and they just seem a bit smoother, as well as the whole wrap around thing seems a sure fire way of anchoring the string to the tree.

I've checked the intonation on the strings up to the 12th fret and it's all good in that respect, so I don't think that the problems lie with that aspect of the guitar. if it helps, I do the Bonamassa/Page thing where you wrap the strings around the tailpeice before sending them over the bridge - aparently reduces string tension and stops them breaking; who knows, there might be something in it . Anyway, i've adjusted the intonation to take acount of this.

Any ideas for replacements? I've been having a gander at various Sperzels (PRETTY COLOURS!), Planet Waves, Gotoh etc but haven't made my mind up yet whether to do it or not.

Anyone have some input?

I did search but only got threads saying that the Steinbergers are bR00tz blahblah blah.


I didn't know overnight was a long time lol, regardless I can't remember where I saw them or who makes them but there are locking tuners that you put the string through and turn the top with a coin or something and it supposedly clamps down the string. I haven't seen or played them so I don't know if they're any good, but I thought they'd be worth having a look at, they may have been gotohs maybe grovers something with a g.

Yeah I've seen those around a bit, and I'm tempted to check them out. It just seems that the simple ones don't have any issues so there's no need to go farting about with all this gearless shizz when other stuff works better and is less hassle in the long run. Just wondered if anyone else had any experience with these Steinberger one's...
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