So I just got my Ibanez RG350DX today, and the edge III on it makes a weird nose when I dive bomb and then raise it (Lift the trem backwards). The sound sounds like a popping noise and it appears to be comming from wherever Im fretting the note. Like if I play the 3rd fret on the 1st string, the sound comes from there, but only when I raise the pitch. There are 3 springs on the trem, and I was wondering if maybe there was a little too much tension on the neck or something?
The tremolo puts no more tension on the neck than a normal bridge does, the springs just level the trem out so that it lays flat. Your strings are where all of the tension comes from.

Maybe you have a grounding problem? There should be a wire firmly soldered to the spring plate in the back of your guitar, if there isn't one then I'd get that checked...

Other than that I'm not sure.
Well, Right now Im on my way home, which is about an hour away, so Ill check that out when I get there.
But as far as that goes, maybe it just needs to be broken in? The thing still has that factory fresh feeling to it.
It could be the locking nut is over-tightened. Mine did the same thing for a while till i took it to a shop. They said theres like a sweet spot or something to put it to.

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I guess this noise comes from the Edge itself. Friction or something like this. I heard this from a Pro Whammy abuser who was comparing Ibanez Edges. He said it's normal in Edge III
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No. That's not normal at all. I have an Edge III and it never does this. There shouldnt be too much tension is everything is level and setup right. Are the locking nuts tightened?
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I'm not sure if the sound you're describing is the same as the sound I'm hearing in my head, but when you get home, try to stuff some tissues behind the springs in the back (not too much), and see if that helps.

It could be that the springs are vibrating as you put them under tension or release them from it; Quite an annoying noise that bugged me for ages before I figured out what it was.
Yeah I forgot to mention that, I've had foam in my trem cavity for a long time to keep the springs silent (when I even have them installed).

In any case, it seems like you have the thing setup right so I'd focus on your springs and or nut for the source of the noise.. The pop I think you're hearing could be a string being pulled through the nut that isn't tight enough. I have experienced that before.
"Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you." - Aldous Huxley
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