The first 45 seconds are nothing but guitar (fender strat). It's the first song on my profile at the moment, but you can also listen here or the link in my sig (feel free to like >.>.

Anyways, hope you guys like it. It's my first remix. Not sure if it goes here or cover songs, but the majority of the track is my own work. I only used the vocals from the song. Not the drums, bass or anything.
Yeah dude I liked it. There were some things that I think would make it sound more professional though (I'd describe it as "homely" as it is :p ) The first couple of things that come to mind include; the high frequency stuff that goes on in the intro section (I feel it would be better if you filled out the stuff behind that with some "swooshing" chorus and panning stuff). Also, right at the end it sounds like there's a delay that comes in and it doesn't really fit.
All in all, I'm glad I listened.