Here's the ad.. In Boston MA.

$100 for a Peavey Valveking 112? Should I be weary? I emailed, he says it was given to him, he doesn't play.. And it works fine. Possible meet up with him tomorrow.. But I figure it's always safe to come here first.

Should I jump on this opportunity (Assuming it IS in condition stated) or not?
Good opportunity, but be prepared to have to get an equalizer as well to make it sound great for metal.

Another thing is that Valvekings sound completely different when turned up as opposed to turned down. When quiet they're really dark, but when they're loud they can get kinda bright.
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If it has the original tubes, expect it to have some hum issues. Replacing the power tubes will resolve it. I installed a pair of Winged "C" tubes in mine and now I play it as much as my Rivera and Mesa.