so what i've read in reviews and in my experience with the AVT50 is that they come with a cheap speaker and should be replaced, so now i've decided to switch the crappy chinese made celestion for a good quality one. problem is i don't know how the ohms and wattage of a speaker effects the sound of the amp and vise versa.

it says (Output: 50 Watts RMS into 4 ohm) and where i plug in the loudspeaker it says (Minimum Imp. 4 ohm) so does that mean i could plug in a 8 ohm speaker at 50 watts? or could i raise the wattage to like 75/80 to get a little more loud?

any help is appreciated... thanks
i dont think raising the wattage in a speaker makes it louder
usually you want to match the ohms as closely as possible to the 4 but since it says minimum the 8 ohms would work tough
meh i wouldn't bother wasting the money. when i got my celestion greenback loaded Marshall 425 cab, I plugged my MG50DFX into it just to see if the tone changed. It still sounded like shit. If you want better tone, you're probably gonna need a new amp.
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