i was trying to edit some drum loops on audacity, but it kept crashing when it got too lengthy
its never done that before :[ respond pleeaaasseee
Everythings wrong with audacity...LOL

Have you considered working with a program called Reaper?
It's an oustanding alternative and works more like a true sequencer. You can also loop samples and such easily.

But if you don't like that, by all means, try re-installing Audacity...that should clear it up.
Quote by moody07747
Everythings wrong with audacity

Before I clicked on this thread I planned on saying the same thing word for word haha.
Quote by moody07747
Everythings wrong with audacity...LOL

Yeah, if that wasn't said already, I would have been all over that like a fat kid on a cake.

As suggested, Reaper
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