What's a good Head, and a good Cabinet to buy as a step up from combo amps?
right now i'm looking at Hartke, and Acoustic.
if i had the money i'd look at Markbass, or Orange.

What's a good Entry level Head and Cabinet to get to a first time Cab user?
Carvin has some grate stuff. I recommend the Carvin BX500.
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A head+cab isn't an upgrade from a combo, it completly depends what head and cab, and what combo you're talking about.

Ampeg make some of my favorite bass amps.
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Well for me it'll be an upgrade, i have a tiny little 8" 15 watt Line 6 bass amp for my room, and i use my friend's dad's 70 watt Hartke bass amp when i practice with my band.

i really just need something louder to use at gigs. something with a better tone than the Line 6, and something with good EQ control.
Acoustic stuff is great. PM Dr.Pain-MD, he has an Acoustic bass head that he rather likes.

You can find their old ('70s, '80s) amps for dirt cheap.
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