Hey, I was singing allong whilst playing guitar today and I realised that I'm struggling to hit or hold notes for sensible lengths of time. I'm able to recognise that I'm out of key, I just struggle to hit the note I want to hit sometimes, then I end up straining my voice to try reach it and sounding awful. My voice is fairly weak when I sing naturally, are there any easy or simple ways to improve by yourself?
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You may want to refer to the Singing and Vocals subforum in Musician Talk
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Ahh sorry, made the classic newbie to a forum mistake of not looking round for the right place to post. No worries.
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When I wanted to improve my singing, I sang along to bands like Oasis and the Stone Roses. Just stick to doing that, and try to sing in tune. After that, try to play along with what you're singing. All it takes is practice and confidence, really. I'm still not a great singer, but I can at least sing and play guitar to fairly simple songs.
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