Hello UG,I a not really known on this forums but I have been lurking around for almost at least a year,and I have to say this is the greatest site ever.And,with that said I would like to ask some advise on a family matter.

My uncle is going through a rough time because of drugs,he is right now on a rehab center but only for a few days.He is really aggressive and has recently started to believe he's wive is cheating on him so he want's to "hurt Her",I have seen how drugs work when my dad lost everything and is currently living in a priest's house.So now my family is thinking in sending him to U.S (we are from Puerto Rico)to a far away rehab so he can focus on the actual rehabilitation and nothing else since he wouldn't know anyone over there.Do you think this is a good idea,have you or someone you know tried this method and worked.

Sorry if this seems weird or something but I have seen people here give really great advise and I thought"why not"and decided to just try it.
If you decide to place him in rehab in the States I would suggest your aunt acoompany him and get a place nearby.
Help quell the cheating suspicions.
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